Work pairs. you are working on your projesct and you project and you need several things. your partner is sitting next to you but he she is not really listenig. ask him her to give you what you need. example .A. CAN YOU GIVE ME THAT CRAYON ??? .A. can you give that crayon to me please??.B.sorry?.B.YES, HERE YOU ARE



-Hello. Let”s make the project of France.
-Ok, let”s do that!
-I need scrissors, can you give me the scrissors, are o the table.
-Ok, there are!
-Thank you.
-I need some photos.
-The photos are in this bag.
-Ohh...thank you. 
-You are welcome! 
-Can you give me some glue? 
-Ok. Be careful, it is very strong.
-Ohh...thank you, can you give me some water, I escaped some glue on my pants.
-I said to you to be careful. Take. Wash well.
-Thank you a lor. 
-You are welcome...again.
-I think we finished the project.
-Yes, it looks great, i hope we will take the big prize.
-Yes, I hope. Thank you for help.
-For nothing, we are a great team!