For eight years, the good mother Remi lives Chavarron Barberini in the Massif Central , but when her husband , Jerome , mason in Paris , returns home injured ( in an accident ) and ruined the child learns that the mother is not his mother Barberini true and that , in fact, is an abandoned child . To survive , Barberini ( Jerome ) will sell first and then cow Roussette Remi hires for 40 francs a band of strolling players led some Vitalis . It gives performances with his dogs scholars , Capi , Dolce and Zerbino and monkey Joli -Coeur to earn a living . During a performance at Toulouse , Vitalis is arrested and imprisoned for two months.Remi wakes up alone with animals and is invited by Mrs. Mulligan and his paralyzed son Arthur , a young English sick, traveling with her mother aboard the Swan , a craft designed for cruising .Remi would like to stay with them , but the two months have passed and Vitalis resume road with his band . During a snow storm , two of the dogs are killed by wolves and monkey dies.On the way , he meets Matt, the dreadful Garrofoli - kidnapper and head of a gang of false infirm.Then in Paris, dying of cold Vitalis and Remi is received from a gardener in Gentilly , who has two boys and two girls , one of which , Lise , is moving . Remi falls for Lise , who is at his bedside for several days during a pulmonary congestion . Remi and Capi gardener remain until it is closed. Siblings are separated .Waking up alone , Remi and Capi must earn a living and his job resume itinerant actors .They reunite with Matt, who killed Garrofoli to escape and become a brother Remi . Being a good musician, he enters the band.To survive , Remi goes to visit a brother of Lisa and replaces the miner . Someday mine is flooded , but Remi and several are air bag and survive underground fourteen days. Finally are saved.Remi and Mattia buy a cow for the mother and the Barberini Remi tells him that a man came to seek to result in true family. Remi , Mattia and Capi then go to Paris to search the Barberini , but he is dead and two children and the dog should go to England .Here are given Driscoll family , posing as his parents Remi , but actually there are some fence . Remi , Mattia and Capi they remain until the day Mattia hear a discussion between Mr. Driscoll and his uncle Arthur Mulligan , Mr. James Mulligan . The latter wants to kill Arthur to be his heir to the family.After being imprisoned unjustly , Remi runs on a boat in France with Mattia and Capi . Then through all the rivers in search of Ms Mulligan and Arthur , they found him in Switzerland together with Lise , who regained speech .Ms. Mulligan reveals to her son Remi it . Taken right from birth from his mother , Lady Mulligan , his uncle , James Mulligan , who wanted the legacy of his dead brother , Remi was given to Jeroboam Driscoll , who was paid to make it disappear . But Driscoll entrusted Remi couple Barberini .Years passed and Remi Lise married , had a child and moved to England. Mattia has become a great musician .
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