You must stay home some days.                                                                                 Mary have to cook ,cakes and pies.                                                                              John musn”t eat sweets and drink cola.                                                                       I can help you at homeworks,if you want.                                                                      They can”t run so fast because ,are sick.                                                                                     
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mersi , dar cate 5 de fiecare
ooo pai trebuia sa zici..
am scris " formulati cate 5 .."
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You must eat an ice cream.
They must read a book for school.
I must walk at the supermarket.
She must play a difficult game.
You must watch an action movie.
I have to read a poesy.
We have to make a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and dill.
He has to sing a music.
She has to draw a landscape.
They have to organize the craziest party.
She mustn't eat much chocolate.
I mustn't make a cake with cherries.
You mustn't read the tale.
They musn't walk on the road.
You mustn't go at the market.
The bird can fly.
She can speak French.
He can play the piano.
We can sing beautiful.
My cat can sleep all day.
I can't wait for you.
She can't make an ice cream.
We can't sing because we're tired.
They can't read.
I and my sister can't sleep.
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