O compunere in limba Engleza,cu tot cu traducerea in romana!!!! Va rog!!!

Despre ce???
Despre Primavara!!!
cine se ofera sa mi-o faca?
.Welcome to Australia... There is no place like it. Write top five suggestions for a truly unforgettable experiance.


Este vara ,mama cu mine ne pregatim pentru picnic.Imi sun prieteni si prietenele.Am ajuns spune mama.Aranjati tot ca sa putem manca.Mergeti prin pasure ca sa va distrati putin ,iar dupa uo sa va chem.Ne bucuram de ziua acea.

It's summer, I get ready for the picnic.I call friends and girlfriends.I ended up telling her mother.Do all that you can eat.Go through pasure like to have fun, and after a little uo to call.We are glad that day.
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Today it is over the Easter holiday.We spent at home, together with my family.Of course,that in any year,Easter,I ate lamb meat,eggs red ,pasca,and many other goodies,prepared by his mother.two days before, I went to shopping with my parents.After, at the time of night Easter service we went to the church,I got light and I partcipat at the church service to celebrate Christ's resurrection.I didn't have a holiday very interesting,but I liked it, because I've spent together with your loved ones.
Astăzi s-a terminat vacanța de Paște.Am petrecut acasă,împreună cu familia mea.Bineînțeles,ca în orice an,de Paște,am mâncat carne de miel,ouă roșii ,pască,și multe alte bunătăți,pregătite de mama.Cu două zile înainte,am mers la cumpărături împreună cu părinții mei.După,în noaptea de Înviere am mers la biserică,de unde am luat lumină și am partcipat la slujba de Înviere.
Nu am avut o vacanță foate interesantă,dar mie mi-a plăcut,deoarece am petrecut-o alături de cei dragi.
Sper ca tiam fost de ajutor... Succes!!
Spring is here!
Finally the long awaited spring arrived! With her ​​nature and she took white robe , worn throughout winter and awoke to life!Little pale sun creeps its rays through tree branches asleep. The green grass begins to sprout . Migratory birds are returning quiet in warm countries , knowing that here , in their country unchanged will find a place where they will nest and will multiply . Lark singing with her ​​sweet voice , masterful singing that enchants all of nature . Walking in the air flowers smell wonderful . The fields and hills are seen in number multiplied plapanzii snowdrops, listening to the rustle loved nature. In spring garden is a pond with fresh water and crystalline . All around are only colorful flowers .The youngest daughter of the year brought with it much joy . It is like a dream, birds of all kinds with their chirping , flowers of all colors that refreshes nature, the fresh grass , the source of the crystalline and the most important element , the sun that send people a ray of hope !
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