1) Write what the people actually said.
1.She said she was having a good time in Ireland.
2.They told us they couldn't get tickets for the concert.
3.He said he'd already eaten a big meal.
4. I said I wouldn't go to the match on Saturday.
5.You told me you swam twenty lengths of the swimming pool every morning.
6.Jake said that he was running the marathon next week.
7.My brother said that he had seen my girlfriend out with someone else.



1) I had a good time in Ireland
2) We couldn`t get tickets for the concert
3) I`ve already eaten a big meal
4) I won`t go to the match this Saturday
5) I am swiming 20 lenghts of the pool every morning (sau ceva in genul)
6) I`ll run the marathon next week
7) I saw your girlfriend with someone else

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