Complete the comprisons using the adjectives in brackets.
1.Windsurfing is ... than waterskiing.(exciting)
2.Which is ... city in your country ? (beautiful)
3.His jokes are much .. than yours.(bad)
4.The .. place in teh world is in Hawaii.(wet)
5.The Matterhon is not ... as Mount Everest.(high)
6.When is .. time of year to visit Florida ? (good)
7.The.. places on earth are in Antarcita.(dry)
8.The violin is .. to play than the guitar.(difficult)
9.Bath is not .. from London as Bristol.(far)
10.This is .. book about Cornwall I've ever rea .(interesting)



1.more exciting

2.the most beautiful


4.wet high

6.the best

7.the driest

8.more difficult far

10.the most interesting
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