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I prefer reading the book because it has the exact ideas and feelings that the auther wants you to have about the story.The images of a movie can't explain the exact words of the people who wrote the book,so it doesn't have the same results.Reading the book is like having the exact feeling that the auther has and understanding his point of view in your own way,while watching a movie is just seeing what others understood from his real words.
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I prefer reading books ,because when you watch a movie it's like you use someone else imagination ,books cand transport the reader into a whole other world ,embarking on a journey, making a connection with the main character whilst at the same time expanding one's knowledge and interest in literary techniques. Books don't convince viewers to buy things that they don't need, or that they should lose weight, and that they are ugly, fat, and "uncool". Books also make great travel buddies. Imagine taking a television along on a holiday, lugging it onto a beach while you soak in the sun, when the world of words could be at your fingers!!!!! 

Stiu ca este mult prea lunga ,dar m-am distrat scriind acest lucru :)) 

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