Vreau o comunere in limba engleza despre o zi care ti-ai petrecut-o intr-un loc special pentru tine

An unforgettable day of my life ! It was a cold morning in January 2014 . I looked nervously at the hanger hanging on the peg , which the night before I put a shirt and white trousers . Browse the Bible , but the pages did not listen , and all return to the first tab , which a dear soul wrote: "This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, meditate on it day and night , trying to do everything written in it , because then you will prevail in all your work and then you will have wisdom.
la ce???


Today, my English teacher asked us to write an English composition about vacation. After I've arrived home, changed my clothes and had my lunch, I've started doing my homework. I couldn't decide what to write about because while in vacation a lot of things happened, good and bad.

My mother was promoted and got an increase of her salary, reason for which she bought me a brand new black bike. Now, my friends envy me and they say I have the most beautiful bike of all.

My family and I took a trip to the seaside where I swam a lot. The see was blue and the water was great. Too bad the sun was burning and we had to leave the beach at noon. On our way back home, we went to see some historical places. My parents told me that this way I'm gonna learn more about history. They let me see what I am actually learning in books at school.

My best friend broke his leg so he had to stay inside his room for a while. We have played various games on the computers  but he won most of them. We also played chess and I won each time. 

Best part was that my father brought me a turtle which I have to feed every day because she is young. We’ve got a tank full of water kept at a temperature between 80 and 85 degrees. The tank has plants and hiding places and must be kept clean. 

So a lot of things happened during my vacation. School begun but I only see it as a waiting period for my next vacation.