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Client - Hello , hello ! I want to order two pizzas.
Operator: - Thank you for calling Pizza Hut . You can give me your ID number ( NIDN - national ID number) , sir?
Client - My national identity number ... yes, a moment. 6102049998-45-54610 .
Operator: - Thank you, Mr. X. I see that you live la1742 Meadowland Drive , and the phone number 494-2366 . Your phone at Lincoln Insurance is 745-2302 and cell number is 266-2566 . E- mail is [email protected] . Right?
Client - MMDA .. But where have all my information?
Operator: - We are bound , like any company, the HSS .Client - HSS , what devilry is this?
Operator: - We are tied into the Homeland Security System, sir.
Client - ( sigh ) That's I want to order two pizzas, All-Meat Special .
Operator: - I think it is a good idea , sir.
Client - how? Is there a problem with meat pizza ?Operator: - Sir, your medical records indicate that you have high blood pressure and extremely high cholesterol . According to Client - What? And then what do you recommend ?
Operator: - You could try Soybean Pizza has very low fat content . Should you like .
Client - What makes you think you'd like?
Operator: - Well, I see here on the screen that last week you went to the library and read a book of recipes with soy.
Client - Okay, okay . Give me two family -sized pizza
.Operator: - Yes , size is suitable for your wife and four children , and what remains can give the two dogs. Your total is $ 49.99 .
Client - ( shouting in the house ) wife , bring me , please, credit card !
Operator: - I'm sorry sir, but you have to pay cash . Your credit card is over its limit .Clientr - I'll run over to the ATM and get some cash before your driver gets me to the door .Operator: - I'm sorry sir, but even that will not be possible . I see here that you have no money in your account
Client - Yes , well, never mind . Send pizzas and I find some money to get home . How long does it take me ?
Operator: - We're a little late , I'd say about 45 minutes . If you hurry , you can come here to pick up your own order, after you get the money. On the other hand , is slightly embarrassing carrying pizzas on a motorcycle .
Client - But how do you know that go with the bike ?
Operator: - Well , it says here the information about the vehicle . Have you had a car that was made ​​by the loan company for not paying on time. Along Harley says that your payment is in addition to the day and I have filled the tank yesterday .
Client - f ... y ..!
Operator: - I would advise you to be careful with the vocabulary to not happened again. I see that you were arrested because you insulted a policeman , then judge which you fight gave 90 days of jail . I see you have just a few days back in society and this is the first pizza you order.
Client - ... (no words)
Operator: - Anything else , sir?
Client - Yes , I have a coupon for a 2 liter bottle of Coke for free.
Operator: - Sorry, but you have to read well . Coupon in our ad says that people with diabetes do not qualify ....