Trebuie să completez cu trecutul simplu (presupun) , spațiile punctate .
1.Peter woke up at seven . seven .
2.The children ran home . -The children....home .
3.I forgot to take the book with me. -I take the book white me .
4.We turned off the computer. -We...the computer .
5.My friend looked after the baby. -My friend...the baby .
6. Anne dropped a bottle of cola. -Anne...a bottle of cola.
7.The boys jumped into the water. -The boys...into the water .
8.He finished his homeowrk. -He.....his homework .
9.They brushed their teeth . -They....their teeth.
10. The lady sent invitation cards. -The lady invitation card.



1. wake up
1. run
3. forget
4. turn off
5. look
6. drop
7. jump
8. finish
9. brush