am nevoie 20 de propoziti la timpul trecut si in engleza corecte cu cuvintele urmatoare :

1 began

2 bouoght

3 come

4 got

5 paid

6 spoke

7 slept

8 stob

9 told

10 read

11 made

12 bit

13 broke

14 found

15 did

16 wore

17 wrote

18 rang

19 sent

20 lost




my favourite film began yesterday.

our mother bought food for today.

your brother came at my party.

i got a icecream.

he paid for bread and for juice.

they spoke a beautiful story.

we slept later every day.

mary told fews words.

louis read a interesting book.

the shoes made in England.

the sky broke in two.

i found an answer at your question.

tery did their homeworks.

my sister wore a new dress.

you wrote the exercises.

he sent a letter.

we lost the game.

2 5 2