Niste tip-uri pentru examenul bilingv ce va urma sa-l dau maine ? :)
N-aveam in plan sa-l dau ,insa profesoriii m-au rugat deoarece sunt cel mai bun din ma-ndrept spre un profil real, stiinte ale naturii mai exact.
Vreau sa stiu cam ce vor corectorii sa vada intr-o compunere (sunt din Olt) si subiectul in care trebuie sa transformi, vreau neaparat sa iau masuri la el fiindca nu prea ma descurc (cu conditionalele si toate cele)



Ask questions to the underlined words in the text above.

III. Give the definition of the word boat.

IV. Choose the correct definition.
1. to run out of = a) to secretly leave a place where you should stay 
b) to use all of something and not have any left 

2. rough = a) difficult to travel on 
b) able to move fast
3. towards = a) in a particular direction 
b) nearer the front 

V. Write short sentences to show how the writer and her brother felt at these times:
1. When things started to go wrong.
2. When Peter couldn't find the spare petrol can.
3. When they discovered that the life-jackets weren't on the boat.
4. When a fishing boat appeared round the point.

VI. Last month you went on a trip to the mountains. Write about the preparations (list, packing) you made before leaving, and the main points on the agenda. Give your composition a title. Write about 150 (+ 10) words.