22.When I ____________(live) in this district for a few months, I _____________(know) the names of all the streets.
23.Hurry up, or they _________________(eat) everything by the time we _____________(arrive)at the party.
24.Do you think the postman ________________(come) before we ______________(leave)?
25.When Tom ______________(brush) his teeth, he_____________(go) to bed.
26.I __________________(already,leave) the town by the time you _________________(return) from your holiday.
27.The beef_________________(roast) for half an hour when I _______________(take) it out of the oven.
28.When my father________________(be) fifty,he________________(wear) glasses for 20 years.
Aceste propozitii se rezolva prin cele 4 reguli ale subordonatelor temporale cu timpurile viitoare.

22. had lived ; knew | 23. will have eaten , arrived | 24. had come , left | 25. had brushed , went | 26. have already left , returned | 27. had roasted , took | 28. was , has been wearing .


22. had lived, knew
23. will have eaten, arrived
24. had came, left
25. had brushe, went
26. have already left, returned
17. had roasted, took
28. will be, will be wearing