O compunere despre a shopping expedition
ps.... imi trebuie astazi compunerea :)

Last week, I was at shopping with my best friend, Maria. Was a great day. In one story, I have seen a beautiful dress with red cherries on her. I was very enchanted to see this dress. My friend adviced me, to buy this dress, if I like her to much. When I saw her price, I was so happy, because I afforded this. I have bought the red dress. The next day, I have dressed with my new beautiful dress, when I went outside with my friends.


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Today i was shopping with my mom, i was searching for a new ball, but my mom was searching clothes for school,for me. I told her that i  mean to buy something that i want, so i told her that im going to the toilet and i took some moneys from her because i told her that i want pizza too, i had some moneys at me but i needed more. in the way to the ball i saw a new skateboard, i wanted to buy it but i didnt bought it. My mom knowed where is the football ball shop so she knew too that im not going to toilet, so... she obught some school clothes and used a craft shop to make a false ball and put the clothes in it. when i was in the balls shop my mom came to me and she said she will buy and ball for me, she bring the false ball with the true balls and i suddenly choosed the false ball, my mom told the seller that is an false ball and she's joking with me, i bought the ball and when iplayed with it, it was broken and i found clothes in it, i had to buy any ball. was a fun shopping expedition!
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