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"Andy went into the House and closed the door behind him. He looked around and found the charmed object. He smiled allevatied. Suddenly he saw a shadow on the wall. The heart began to beat fast ..."



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Slowly, the shadow came closer and closer. For a few minutes, he was shocked and then he fell on the floor. We found him in the hospital with trauma. For 10 days he repeated the same words: ''you'll see''. We were all shocked by the unusual behaviour. I visited him everyday, but it seems that the situation was worse. Until one day, when suddenly recovered. He doesn't remember anything. After everything that happened, I decided to go to the house to see exactly what is happening there, but I wasn't alone. I was with another friend, because if I went alone, somethig could happen to me and no one could find out what. So, we were at that house and for a moment I was sure that the house is abandoned. I returned for a second and the friend who came to me suddenly disappearing. She never returned home and since I entered in that house I've changed completely. Andy never recovered, and in a short time he died. 
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