Although it's morning, the sun burns in the sky as never done it long ago. Very hot one day is announced. As the day began, it could be the most hot and cruel days of this summer. Sky less blue than usual seems to be bleached by the edge of the solar disk rays sent. No cloud, no matter how small, do not dare to face the sun beats down careless.

Equally scary is the wind. He has the courage to show his face even cool moments. Try then to blows easy, but it has the power to fight the powerful sun. When she is present, breath is very hot, like the breath of a dragon that spits fire in his nostrils.

This is just the beginning of the warm period of the year, July, month of the oven. From a friend of nature, which until recently brought joy and happiness around, now, the sun turns into a real enemy of it.

Este o mica compunere descriptiva, daca observi unele greseli o poti corecta in timp ce o scrii!

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