Oh, the spring. The season where all plants and animals became alive with it.Grass is growing, insects are flying again from their deep sleep in the winter, and thousands of birds that cross the sky. Spring is also my favourite season ever. Everything becomes alive and the nature is turning all green, a beautiful colour.Now, all kids can enjoy playing in the park without the worry that their little hands will be frozen, as it was in the winter.People are becoming more active, and streets are crowded of them. This is what I call to be alive. Life is wonderful in this season.I enjoy staying on a bench in park and watch birds that flies in the blue sky, with the warm breeze that hits me in the face. I see this season as a beautiful thing, as life is, because I like to live at maximum and enjoy every little thing that nature and life gave us. 
Spring stardet today! Wow,snowdrops are so beautifull! I love this flowers!The snow has melted.Its sunny. It's not so cold,this is good.I want to be spring always.Today,i go with my friends in the park.Here are a lot of people.Dogs are happy and i am too.My mother say:
I have shown people that share the martisore.I got myself one.I love spring! Do you love too?