I prefer to go by a car.
I prefer go to swim.
I prefer go to the Bucharest.
I prefer have the phone.
I prefer have 1 car and not 5.
I prefer  to see the America.
I prefer to lisent music.
I prefer drink a Cola\Fanta.
I prefer to eat now/
I prefer  to go at the Milano.
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I'd rather  eat a bug than i would go there

i prefer working at the office

i'd rather go taking lessons of Spanish than i would learn how to do that problem

i prefer to swim than to run on the city streets

i'd rather take another test in maths than i would do one in biology

i prefer chocolate than fruits

i'd rather learn how to dance than i would understand that problem

i prefer roses  than daises

i'd rather make a big party than i would talk with him

i prefer black cars than white ones
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