Write the following : a) in the future tense b) in the past tense , using the given time expressions: 1.He can play chess : a) this afternoon b)when he was young. 2. I can fly an airplane. a) after a few more lessons b) after a few more lessons b0 when I was in the army 3.She can cook very well a)with more practice b) when I knew her 4.She can make her own dresses a) in a few years time b) before she got married 5.I can go swimming a) when it is warmer b) whenever I like 6. MY sister can paint very well a) soon b) when she was in Paris 7.She can apply for a job a)after she graduate from college b) when she was healthy 8.He can use the lawn-mower a)when he recovers b)before he had his operation 9.He can speak two foreign languages a)when he comes back from London b) when he was an ambassador 10.You can ski a)in the mountains b)when you were thinner