Alege ce-a mai buna alternativa: a) , b) sau c).

1) If you ask several people about their idea of beauty , you might:

a) get the same answer
b) get several different answer
c) not get any answers

2)a) Kayapo boys and men have stretched lips.
b) all Kayapo Indians have stretched lips
c) Kayapo women have stretched lips

3) a) Only Rastafarians wear dreadlocks
b) Dreadlocks represent vegetation
c) Rastafarians wear dreadlocks for religious reasons

4)a) Cosmetics began to be used in the twentieth century
b) People have used cosmetics for thousands of years
c) The ancient Egyptians invented cosmetics

5)a) In ancient Egypt , women liked to look pale
b) All ancient Egyptians liked to hove the same colours skin
c) In Egypt today , men darken their skin with orange paint.