Man can not enjoy a healthy life without acquire a healthy diet. For the body the proper foods are simple and natural.
Unprocessed foods of plant origin must prominently in both the food healthy individuals and those suffering . Only these products contain ballast material ( fiber) and antioxidant substances , principles that help the body cope with the psychological stress and oxidative preventing or curing a number of diseases.
It is important , on the other hand, to cover the requirements of all the essential amino acids in the body , substances that are formed all the proteins in the body. In terms of psychological stress and climate specific modern world and weather conditions in our ( human body , in addition to abrupt changes occurred from day to day , we must bear in six months , larger temperature differences 50 degrees , which means an enormous stress ) , compiling a purely vegetarian diet , bringing all of the indispensable amino acids in optimal range , is almost impossible. Therefore it is necessary to resort to sources of complete protein foods , among which are the healthiest fish , eggs and dairy, though of course, fresh and processed as simple. These sources are administered in optimum amounts , may replace all poultry and mammals , as well as derivatives resulting from them.
Since, as can be seen in the classification of food, any food , be it natural , is not complete, varied food rations must be made ​​, but wisely .
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