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Even a week before it closes Transfagarasanul we decided to go to see him and us, we made ​​reservations at Chalet Cuckoo Customs ( well I did and for that there no longer was not there ) . I decided to go that route Olt valley and get back on the Transfagarasan , so I got in Ploiesti hard enough until Rm ( pretty bad road ) but when I entered the Olt Valley was already like another world, beautiful f a landscape hard to describe in words . We stopped at the monastery we visited and walked away at 15 o'clock. 00 we arrived at the cottage Cuckoo Customs , I left the luggage and went to Balea waterfall where we climbed a little waterfall we filled lungs with fresh mountain air , we chilled and made appetite, after which we returned to the cottage . Chalet very beautiful with lots of greenery with a creek flowing smoothly along the cabin but whose murmur is heard everywhere. Accommodation f good , rooms not large but bathroom and f were 150ron/camera .
The next day we left early in the morning to have time to stop everywhere. The road was superb, better scenery you see in the pictures , there are no words to describe the wonders of nature. Balea Lake is truly a wonder of nature , the mountain top this gorgeous nail color , all paths I see the mountains and the valley road that looks like u snake coiled ,
I went to the other side of the mountain and started to descend and got Vidraru dam where we walked on the dam . Road to Curtea de Arges was boring after so many beauties I think VSI . I went and Arges church then I went straight to Ploiesti . Anyway I left with great memories of this trip 

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