Healthy mind in a healthy body ! Surely you've heard this saying belongs to the Latin " mens sana in corpore sano "Make the move means a healthy lifestyle in addition to a healthy diet and proper hygiene . I wish to acknowledge that moving is not limited to going to the gym, where of course pay meetings . You can move material at no cost in your own home by doing simple exercises , as we see in the morning shows exercises that do not require a large space and no special equipment . Specifically , we're talking about crunches, squats, arm spins , riding dwarf , front and back lunges and side lunges . Then , a type of movement to everyone is running or jogging in the park . You can run at a time of day you choose. Quit watching TV and devote those minutes or hours this activity. From my own experience tell you that you'll feel much better, more alive . And you will be surprised to see how many young , and not only chose this lifestyle . Some run for keeping a diet and want to give a few pounds down , others running to maintain tone . If it's summer and you could swim , or take advantage of the great beaches and swimming . You will put in motion all the muscles .Ancient Greeks are known for sports games you organized and today are known as the Olympics. Why, precisely in those times , to promote movement , sport ? For men in particular needed to be strong , healthy , vigorous , ready to face wars . Greece will need a healthy population .And we need to be healthy , to face not of war but of diseases in which a body "flaws " would not be immune. Promoting sports among children is essential. Children who are talented and love a particular sport can even make performance and those suffering from certain diseases should not be pushed aside . The latter should be directed to sports that does not require so much physical . In the program a child has to make room for movement , essential for the development of physics .Explain why the object that we each study or have studied it in school is called " Physical Education " . Education received from parents and teachers we could define " moral education " , so we form the morally , form characters after some sound principles of life that we recommend further . This education is complemented by physical education . And get to the dictum laid down in the article. You can not fully healthy thinking if your body does not know the movement , exercise . These two items are completed to give truly honest man .I said that in addition to moving important is to have a balanced diet and proper body hygiene . Magazines that address these issues are numerous. Many tips , but many actions in practice ? It's very simple to follow these tips. Balanced eating means eating as long as it not too little so you feel hungry and not too much that you feel like you can not get up from the table . Note the word "table" . Yeah, yeah ... that thing around which furniture are chairs . I wanted to say this because people of today eats in front of the TV , on the street, in feet. Then there spots appear nothing like " excess salt, sugar and fat daneaza health seriously ! " or " Alcohol abuse is bad ! " or " Smoking can kill you! "Hygiene is an important topic. A good friend of mine puts it: " Soap and water are sacred . " Cleaning is like a business card of your person .You also need to understand that physicians generally are our friends . They give us valuable advice on how to stay healthy . Do not bypass a dentist, an ophthalmologist cabinet , perform routine medical exams to prevent rather than to treat various ailments.Everyone's motto should be " I want to live healthy ! " because in this way we give importance to ourselves , but also those whose health to keep .