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Iasi , is a big city in Romania , near Piatra Neamt and Cluj-Napoca . Near this town , there is a big lake called Chirita . This town is "populated" by many big buildings like "The Palace Of Culture" , "Palas Mall" and that list can continue more , oh... i forgot the biggest park in that city is "(scrie aici care este cel mai mare parc)".
I love my city , and i want to fell happy for my rest of the life.
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;) Daca vrei te mai ajut din cand in cand \\
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Cafeneaua :
Aristocrat Chocolat is the best cafe in the town , here you can buy the softest cafe , and the goodest one . That cafe is positioned on Anastasie Panu Street . That cafe is popular because of its quality and because it has 32 tipes of hot chocolate and 40 categories of teas and also here you can savure coktails , it was opened right one year later.
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mai esti?
vorbeste mai prin mesaje
ca ti-am dat niste mesaje
face sau brainly?
Acolo se completeaza cu your city (nu the world) ca sa se raspunda.
ma rog....aici se formuleaza intrebari pe baza exemplului si se raspunde.
Gen: A: Which is the largest park in your city?
        B: I think ...(exemplu) is the largest park. 

A:Which is the busiest road in the country?
B I think... (exemplu) is the busiest road in the country.

si faci asa la toate
dar, totusi, ce cuvinte ??????
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adica exemple din orasul tau de strazi parcuri cafenele..