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Vreau compunerea sa fie in engleza si sa nu fie tradusa pe GOOGLE TRANSLATE pentru ca nu traduce bine! THANKS!

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Hey, GeorgeBadea daca faci compunerea maricica nu mare iti multumesc ca faci acest efort, dar daca nu nici eu nu m-as pricepe la asta
Pai GeorgeBadea poti sa mi-o arati?


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                                   TO BE A CHILD IN EUROPE 
         I am a children , my family is from Europe , from Romania ; it's a beautifeul country . I lived in much country , but i'm liveing here ... I'm a european child . To be a euroean child is as to be an american , asian child  , but it's more funny , because i have more actions , i have more friend , and we play all games . i like to swiming , i love to swim , because ...summer , in Romania it's very hot and we swim in every year , oh, don't forget about skating , is a wonderfeul activity , and amusing . 
 It is differently to be european , beacause you have so much empty-time to play and you will try so much things , and you will enjoy oneself . The european people are so amazing , and so beutifeul , that you don't can to rezist them . 
 I can to tell about european children that they are so fantastic and they do  greatactivity and sports . If you come in Europe you will have a crazy craze , because the children become  insane  you.  To be child in Europe it's incredible .
Scuzama dar compunerea ta are multe greseli de gramatica . Si apropo sper sa nu te superi pe mine ... :) dar ideile tale sunt foarte bune..:D
Mersi oricum!
Si la amea nu te-ai uitat ..?
Well...In Europe is very good to live as a child , why? Just because you have many 
rights , like : the childs have the right to learn , the kids are helped to don't be bullied by strangers , and another rights like of those , also the european childs recive allocation from the european budget.So as a european children you will allways fell happy.

ba da m-am uitatk, dar nu ai inteles, nu ai citit comentariile?? mai mult de 10 randuri???