Cine ma ajuta si pe mine la engleza va rog????????
1. Rewrite these senteces describing the situation in the past and its probable result with if and the past perfect, and the third conditional.
1. She spoke to him in french. They got on well.
2.. He apologised. I didn't lose my temper with him.
3. We didn't have any money. We didn't go to the theatre.
4.He bought a bicycle. He got fit.
5. It rained all week. We had a dreadful holiday.



If she had spoken to him in french, they would have got on well.
If he had aologised, I wouldn't have my temper with him.
If we hadn't any money, we wouldn't have go to the theatre.
If he had bought a bicycle, he would have go fit.
If it had rained all week, we wouldn't have a dreadful holiday.

P.S. Nu stiu daca-in bine !