1) Talk about life in your country in the past.
1. Where did people use to live?
2.How did they use to make a living?
3.How did people use to dress?
4.What did they use to eat and drink ?
5.How did they use to spend their free time?



In the past everything was easy , we were just kids who wanted to play around. There were many children in my village and we all were friends. The fathers were working in factories and the mothers were at home looking after us. The people used to live in small houses with garden and a big backyard. My mother used to work in the garden. She was very proud of her flowers. Every family had tree or four children. That's wy we had so many friend. After school we gathered and played till dark and allways forgot about dinner. Sunday we used to go festivals. We loved festivals, because we could eat many sweets and drink juices. There we saw people dancing in their national costumes. It's hard to forget a place like this. I will allways remember it.
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