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The best one colleague of mine calls him Sebastian. We are colleagues still in class I and all of then are sitting together in the same bank. He is a very careful and painstaking colleague at times. Each time they do their homework and never comes to school lesson neînvăţată. A few years in a row took first prize, and in meetings with parents every time it is given as an example of student model. a    Sebastian is very respectful with the teachers. When he meets the school halls or in the city, the street, welcomes respectfully. Outside of school, it is also respectful. Towards women and towards the elderly has a great. When it is in a crowded bus stands up and offers the people around him.  When we ask the help does not forbid to me to pay him. Sometimes mathematics remain behind, and he does not get angry when you ask him to let me look at it in the notebook. Not a few times helped me and the lessons, especially the German language, a matter on which I do not love too, but he is very skillful. About the relationship between the two of us do not have than good. We've never had all these years since we are colleagues, and I hope to not do any from now on. Any student i would like to have a colleague like Sebastian.
I'm learning English and I want to find a pen friend.
I'll be glad to help you with English and to hear from you !!! :)
Thank you for your consideration, and if you have any questions, please
feel free to write, email or ICQ.
My email: [email protected]
My ICQ number:486-385-117.
I will answer all.
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