depinde de context, scrie propozitia
Comentariul a fost şters
niste , citeva. se foloseste la propozitiile negative (ex cu don"t doesn"t ) si se foloseste la propozitiile cu semnul intrebarii (?)


deci iti dai seama ce inseamna any :D
any adjective \ˈe-nē\—used to indicate a person or thing that is not particular or specificFull Definition of ANY1:  one or some indiscriminately of whatever kind:a :  one or another taken at random <ask any man you meet>b :  every —used to indicate one selected without restriction<any child would know that>2:  one, some, or all indiscriminately of whatever quantity:a :  one or more —used to indicate an undetermined number or amount <have you any money>b :  all —used to indicate a maximum or whole <needs anyhelp he can get>c :  a or some without reference to quantity or extent<grateful for any favor at all>3a :  unmeasured or unlimited in amount, number, or extent<any quantity you desire>b :  appreciably large or extended <could not endure it anylength of time> See any defined for English-language learners »See any defined for kids »Examples of ANY<any person who comes in the store today is eligible for the discount>Origin of ANYMiddle English, from Old English ǣnig; akin to Old High German einag any, Old English ān one — more at oneFirst Known Use: before 12th centuryRelated to ANYSynonymseach, everyRelated Wordsall; several, various; particular; respective, specific; eitherNear AntonymsneithermoreRhymes with ANYbenne, benny, blenny, fenny, jenny, Kenny, many, penni,penny2any pronoun, singular or plural in constructionDefinition of ANY1:  any person or persons :  anyone2a :  any thing or thingsb :  any part, quantity, or numberFirst Known Use of ANYbefore 12th centuryRhymes with ANYmany3any adverb: to the least amount or degreeFull Definition of ANY:  to any extent or degree :  at all <was never any good><no, it doesn't help me any> See any defined for English-language learners »Examples of ANYThe food there is never any good.He won't be any happier there than he was here.I could not walk any farther.I can't eat any more pizza.