- Hello.
- Hello miss.
- I'm looking for a jacket. 
- On the second row you can find what you are looking for.
- Thank you. Can you please tell me if you have one of blue color?
- Yes. We have. Is this one on your size?
- Is perfect. I'm buying it. 

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Ana:Hello, a moment . I have to find the shopping list . See here , I found it.
The seller : Go ahead, please .
Ana : First I want two pounds of flour, a pound of sugar and one of salt.
 Then please give me two bottles of tomato juice , two pounds of milk, a bag of rice and a packet of butter. And I'd like two pounds of beef, two chicken , three hundred grams of cheese and a pound of fish.
The seller : Look here , lady. What else do you want ?
Ana : Vegetables now : two salads, a kilo of tomatoes, and a carrot . And three pounds of potatoes , the largest . And next sliced ​​bread , please.
The seller : Sure. Fruits you ?
Ana : Yes , I and fruits. Let's see : a pound of bananas, one strawberry and orange pound .
The seller : wish and drinks?
Ana : Yes , I want two bottles of mineral water and one for water. Ready .
The seller : Pay in cash or card?
Ana : Cash, how much?
The seller : Let's see , 45 euros , please.
Ana : Thank you very much .
Ti l-am mai facut odata..dar am spus ca nu l-ai vazut...poate