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The dreaming city

The dreaming city it can be in many types, because we are different, and we have different minds. The dreaming city in my mind looks perfect. He have many shops, so people will have everything. The dreaming city will have a special build for poor people to stand there, to eat there, in one word to live there. The hospitals will be two and huge for anyone who has a pain or psihologicaly problem. The doctors will be nice. This city will have huge parks , one for children, one for their parents or for another adults and the las will be for anyone that will be like heaven with more flowers and the sun bright. The schools will be big and large and will have a huge garden destineted for breaks, the school will have music in breakes, cute tables and chairs out and diffrent ways for children and teachers. The classrooms will be full of flowers, will have a electric board. Every student will have his or her wardrobe. In the city at all important days will be a parade with costumes and poems and students and parents and couplea the parades will be for all. That is my dreaming city.
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