Arrange the following words in the correct order:
Exemplu:reading i should start
I should start reading
b)The i or should not? Answer doir
c)i think him should tell you
d)come?I when should
e)in you so stay sun shouldn`t much the
f)out should think i don`t go you
g)take your should
h)should?what i now do
i)you doctor go should i think to do the



B) nu cred ca e ok ceva la propozite ... as veni should i do the answer or not ?
c) I think you should tell him
d) When should I come ?
e) You shouldn't stay so much in the sun
f) I don't think you should go out
g)You should take your umbrella
h)What should i do now ?
i) I think you should go to the doctor  ( fara do )