My favorite sport is basketball. It is a very energetic sports and I love to practice it. My friends and I are going to practice this sport in the future. I discovered the sport at the age of 6 years. I liked it and then I became a professional. The teacher always praised me.
Basketball is a international sport and that he make more interesting for people. :)
My favorite sport is volleyball because it takes lots of skills and it makes my arms feel stronger. I'm really good at volleyball, and it helps me to concentrate in school and in other sports.

I like to play volleyball at recess with my friends and teachers, or at Hui Malama after school. Sometimes I go to the Waimanalo Gym and play with Hui Malama.

My favorite volleyball team is the Rainbow Wahine because they have cooperative players which helps them win games. M
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My favorite team players is Margareta Vakasausau because she is a good setter and Lily Hakumoku because she is a good hitter.I want to play in Rainbow Wahine and win a national championship.